Cabinet as at 2016

Most Senior Apostle Dr. Joshua E.E.O. Osasuyi, JP, MFR

Spiritual Leader / General Overseer / Chairman Church Council

  1. Establishment
  2. Promotion and Posting
  3. Executive Producer – Chosen Television
  4. President Christ’s disciples seminary
  5. Proprietor Christ’s chosen group of schools.

Senior Apostle Dr. David E . O Unuefe-Ikhuiwu, JP, AFP

1st Vice-Chairman, Church Council

  1. Chairman, Disciplinary Committee
  2. Administration
  3. Welfare

Senior Apostle Dr. Jonathan F.O. Onaghise, JP, AFP

2nd Vice Chairman, Church Council

  1. Director of Land and Housing
  2. Land Purchase

Apostle Dr. A. C. Irabor

Director of Doctrine & Utility

Apostle Dr. Pius Igberaese, AFP

Director of Evangelism

Apostle Dr. Silva Victor Imagbe

Director of Finance

Apostle Dr. John E. Okike, JP

Secretary-General / Secretary to Church Council

  1. National Youth Minister
  2. Telephones

Apostle Dr. Nosa .G. Atoe, JP, AFP

Director / Special Assistant to the General Overseer on Protocol and Public Relations

  1. Executive Director Christ’s Disciples Seminary
  2. National youth adviser I

Apostle Dr. Joseph .W. Okpani

Press Manager

  1. Secretary to the Apostles’ Team

Apostle Goddey .O. Okeranlen, ACIA, AFP

P.A to the Spiritual Leader / General Overseer

  1. Special Assistant to the Spiritual Leader on Media Matters
  2. National youth Adviser II

Councilor Barr Sunday .G. Omovie

Director of Legal / Security Matters

  1. Legal Adviser to the Spiritual Leader

Elder Samson Aisien

Head, TV Ministry

  1. Producer Chosen Television